What documents are required to rent a car?

A passport, a driver’s license and a credit card in the name of a lessee.

What cards are accepted for payments?

We accept standard, embossed bank cards of Visa and MasterCard standards.

In what time can I take a car for rent?

Our office works for you every day from 09:00 AM till 08:00 PM. But you can order a car delivery or return at any time suitable for you. The tariffs for car delivery/return are listed in “Additional Services” section.

If I take a car in one rental station, can I return it to another one?

Yes, you can. The main idea is to return the car by the term of rent expiry according to the contract. As for the rest you can choose the rental store the most convenient for you. Besides you can always apply for the service of car return at address - our employees will take the car from you by themselves. If you want to return a car to another rental store, you only need to inform us about this the day before drop-off date.

If I take a car in one city, can I return it in another one?

Yes, you can. Please inform us about this when signing a contract. We also can deliver a car to different city.

Can I receive a car at the same day, without making a pre-order?

Yes, you can. But in this case you will have to choose among the available cars. That is why we recommend making a pre-order to have a better choice.

What should I do, if I planned to get a car in the airport, but my flight was delayed?

If you provided our company with information about your flight, you will get a car after you arrive to the airport. You will be met with a tablet with your name in proper zone. If you do not have such information, and your flight is delayed, you need to contact our representative.

Who pays for the car repair and how, if I was involved in accident?

The cars you rent are insured. In case of car damage in the accident, you are responsible only for the basic compensation, if all terms of the contract were respected.

In case you applied for comprehensive insurance service and haven’t broken the contract terms, you do not bear any financial responsibility. All you need to do is to provide our company with required documents from the accident.

Any way, you need to call to police and confirm the accident in documents, as well as contact our employee.

What is the amount of basic responsibility?

Basic responsibility is an amount a client needs to pay for a Renter in case of loss occurrence (accident, damage or car theft), in case when Client hasn't broken the contract terms, filed all required documents about insurable event in time. The amount depends on the car category and is listed in the contract.

Basic responsibility is unconditioned, that means its payment doesn’t depend on the level of client’s degree of culpability in loss occurrence.

I do not have Russian citizenship. Will you provide me a car for rent? Does the cost and rental terms change in this case?

Foreign citizens additionally need passport with valid Russian visa. There will be no any changes for rental terms.

What do you mean by “comprehensive insurance service”?

“Comprehensive insurance” term means that in case of loss occurrence (accident, car damage or theft, as well as wheels damage and/or problems with the car glasshouse) a Client does not bear additional responsibility towards a Renter. He only needs to file the required documents correctly and in time.

When I will receive money blocked on my card as security deposit back?

After you return a rented car, and all calculations for rent cost will be completed, we will unblock this amount on your credit card. The term of money return depends on the card-issuing bank terms. The maximal term is usually doesn’t exceed 30 days.

In what condition the car should be returned?

You need to return a clean car with the full tank, i.e. in the same condition you received it.

What should I do, if the car was broken?

You need to contact our representative by phone: 8-800-700-95-74. You will be replied every day from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

What should I do, if I am late to return the car?

We accept the delay of return up to 1 hour. If you exceed this limit, you will have to pay the full daily rent cost. Besides, you must contact our manager to inform about the delay.

Can you include an additional driver to the contract?

Sure. The driver must correspond to the requirements for age and driving experience.

Do you work at night time?

Our office works for you every day since 09:00 AM till 08:00 PM. But you can also order a car delivery and return at any other time suitable for you. Check the Terms section.

Should I additionally pay for the basic responsibility besides the rental cost?

You will pay for it only in case you’ve damaged the car and haven’t purchased additional insurance. If you have a comprehensive insurance, correctly filed documents and followed all contract terms, your financial responsibility towards Renter is zero.

Can I drive a car out of the region?

Yes, you can, if agree this while making a contract.

What should I do if I have no credit card, and my wife has, but she has no driver’s license? Can we rent a car?

Yes, you can. In this case your wife will be a lessee, and you are included into the contract as additional driver. All responsibility by the contract will be held by your wife.